Email Phishing on the Rise: Is Your Mailbox Safe?

  • 21st October 2021
By now, almost everyone has heard of phishing, the act of defrauding an online account holder by posing as a legitimate company or person. Simply put, it's when bad guys pretend to be someone or something they're not to steal from you or your company. They'll use a spoofed email addresses, websites and attachments to convince you to give them ...
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Pronetsys DriveSavers News (Data Recovery)

  • 1st October 2021
    DriveSavers Gets "Wired" and Rescues Senior Writer's Data Mat Honan If you've read any online technology stories in the past few weeks, you may already be aware of Wired's Mat Honan and the "epic hack" that occurred when two hackers used bits of personal information to gain ...
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