How do i find the application that is using port 8443? Print

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Every had an issue whereby you are trying to run a n application and its says unable to start because the port is in use by another application? example tried to launch th eUnify Controller software by Ubiquity and got the error that the port was in use by another application. To find that application go to

run -> type cmd then press enter. 
they type netstat -ao | find "8443" whereby 8443 is the port number. you will see a result like this;

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
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C:\Users\PC>netstat -ao | find "8443"
TCP jdam:0 LISTENING 2400
TCP jdam:65361 ESTABLISHED 2400
TCP jdam:8443 ESTABLISHED 8400


To the extreme right of each line is the PID of the application running and using that port. Simply open the task manager and ensure the column heading "PID" is selected then look for the application and end the task. Your application will not run.

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