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This is our new remote access software. We are not abandoning Log Me In right now but we will be using it on a smaller scale. Please watch the attached video on how to install the software on a remote computer. Very Simple

Video Link

The Remote control sotware for technicians.

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40 Second access

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For quick remote access.

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I have noted an error with the new remote control software that prevents ctrl + alt+ delete from being sent remotely and downloading it from our server and placing it in the c:\remote-control folder fixes it. See the video. 

Video Link

Remote control software is developed on Windows 7 and there could be some unexpected issues on Windows 10, especially after recent Windows updates and when software is installed as service.

Here are basic requirements for setup and configuration of Remote control software on Windows 10 computers:
It is required that you are loged on Windows Administrator account without any limitations.

- Windows UAC should be set to Never Notify level:
Go to Windows Control Panel - User Account and select Change User Account Control settings.
Set it to Never Notify level. Press on OK.

- Windows Smart Screen should be turned off:
Go to Windows Control Panel - Security and Maintenance and select to Change Windows Smart Screen settings.
In new window select "Don’t do anything (turn off Windows Smart Screen)". Press on OK.

- Windows Defender should not block it:
Go to Windows Settings - Windows Defender.
From Exclusion section press on "Add an exclusion" to exclude C:\remote-control

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