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Groups can be used to add the same list of users to multiple sites. To add a group to your SharePoint site, log into SharePoint with your Admin ID and password, and perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Site Actions drop-down menu and select Site Settings.
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  2. Under the Users and Permissions list, click the People and groups link.
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  3. Click the New drop-down menu and select New Group.
  4. Enter the following information:  


    • Name—Enter a name for the group.
    • About Me—Enter a brief description of the group. This description shows up in contact lists and search results.  
    • Group owner—Click the Browse (book) icon to search for users. You can search for "all" to select all users in an account or in a domain. Select an entry and click the OK button to assign one owner to the new group. The owner can be an individual user or a group. The group owner is automatically granted "Full Control" permissions. If a group is entered as the owner, all members of that group have "Full Control" permissions.
    • Who can view the membership of the group?—Select who can view the list of group members.
    • Who can edit the membership of the group?—Select who can add and remove group members.
    • Allow requests to join/leave this group?—Click the Yes option button to send an email to the specified email address each time a membership request is made.
    • Auto-accept requests?—If you clicked Yes to allow requests above, click theYes option button to enable automatic approval of membership requests.  
       By automatically granting membership to all requestors, you are also granting them the permission level associated with that group. So, if the permission level of the group is set to "Design," you’ll be granting "Design" permission to all requestors.
    • Send membership requests to the following e-mail address—Enter the email address to receive membership requests. Emails are sent to this email address each time a membership request is made, even if Auto-Accept is enabled.
    • Choose the permission level group members get on this site—Select  the check box for the permission level desired. You can leave all check boxes clear if you want to add the group and permissions later to a different site URL.
  5. Click the Create button.

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