How to setup email services in QuickBooks

QuickBooks 2011-2013 or Enterprise 11.0-13.0

Send email from QuickBooks using Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail (works with Outlook 2002, 2003 or 2007).

Important: If your email program is not already set up, you will need an email profile in Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail.

  1. Open QuickBooks and choose Edit > Preferences.
  2. Click the My Preferences tab.
  3. Select Send Forms and verify that your email client is an option in the Send emailing using section.
  4. (Optional) If your email client is not selected, choose the option you want and click OK.

Important: Outlook 2010 email is currently not supported with QuickBooks 2011 and later products. If you are using Outlook 2010, please see  Save Invoices, Reports Estimates, Purchase Orders and other forms as a .pdf file.


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