The more we use computers to communicate, the less face-to-face interaction we get. Founder of Pronetsys and CEO of LightSpeed Limited Jason McIntosh says that having data and other important files stored offsite remotely is one way to protect it from loss. Every business or organization that has a good backup plan on having an offsite data storage process will have the confidence that their important data are safe and they could continue to proceed with their business operations or activities without being hindered or disturbed by future catastrophic threats. In an offsite data storage, data is stored in a remote server that can be accessed through the internet in a web interface procedure.

A lot of financial analysts would find offsite data storage as a secure and affordable alternative to traditional data storage solutions. In a fast-growing business environment, it is crucial to manage large volumes of data in a timely and secure manner. The options of using tape and disk drives years ago thrived in an era when size of the data wasn't a major constraint. As the business grows, it is expected that the volume of information will rise, so it is a critical necessity for storage administrators to streamline all the data received and managed in a single location. This kind of method keeps the data secure and enforces multilevel access methods to various groups of users of information.

Even though there are many storage mediums or options available today in making a backup of your files, getting an offsite data storage method is one affordable way in securing your important files. Though it will be stored remotely, only high quality mirrored disk severs are used. You can also ensure that data is reliably kept as it undergoes a series of integrity checks to block those perils of data security. Many find it convenient that they can schedule the backup plan according to their availability and have the options to do it manually or automatically.

Surely, the success of any venture will be reflective on how reliable and true those customer and vendor details are shown. One can't just simply compromise information as it will be a basis on how credible the company or the organization is. That is the reason why that you need to select the right backup and data storage solution for your business as it will serve as a backbone of any critical information. LightSpeed LightSaver is the answer! Take advantage of our free trial offer. Don't just take our word for it, try it yourself!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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