How do I setup Polly TTS engine for FreePBX?

Alright, folks, this is super simple. Access the server via SSH or local console and execute the following commands to download and run the installation script:

chmod 755 ./

NOTE: If you are using AWS FreePBX from TheWebMachine Networks, simply execute this command to run the installation:

smartupgrade install-pollytts

Towards the end of the installation, you will be asked for the following information:

  1. AWS Access Key ID
  2. AWS Secret Access Key
    You can generate these keys from the AWS IAM Management Console: 20
  3. AWS Region Code
    Use the region closest to your server for optimal performance; will default to ‘us-east-1’ if not specified. Here’s a list of proper region codes: 15
  4. AWS Polly Voice ID
    Will default to ‘Joanna’ (en-US) if not specified. Use a Voice ID from this page: 16

Once the script is finished, you’ll want to add the ‘polly’ engine via Settings > Text to Speech Engines and specify ‘/usr/bin/node’ as the Engine Path:

polly screenshot
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