How do I setup Polly TTS engine for FreePBX? Print

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Alright, folks, this is super simple. Access the server via SSH or local console and execute the following commands to download and run the installation script:

chmod 755 ./

NOTE: If you are using AWS FreePBX from TheWebMachine Networks, simply execute this command to run the installation:

smartupgrade install-pollytts

Towards the end of the installation, you will be asked for the following information:

  1. AWS Access Key ID
  2. AWS Secret Access Key
    You can generate these keys from the AWS IAM Management Console: 20
  3. AWS Region Code
    Use the region closest to your server for optimal performance; will default to ‘us-east-1’ if not specified. Here’s a list of proper region codes: 15
  4. AWS Polly Voice ID
    Will default to ‘Joanna’ (en-US) if not specified. Use a Voice ID from this page: 16

Once the script is finished, you’ll want to add the ‘polly’ engine via Settings > Text to Speech Engines and specify ‘/usr/bin/node’ as the Engine Path:

polly screenshot
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