How to add PayGo email service to your Digicel or Lime Phone in Jamaica Print

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Configuring your blackberry device is very simple, please follow the instructions below to accomplish this task:

1. for Digicel users please go to for lime users please go to

2. Enter your blackberry credentials. If you do not know your blackberry password please click on forgot password link then enter your blackberry PIN on the page that loads. The password will be sent to your blackberry momentarily.

3. Once you have successfully logged in click on add a new account.

4. Enter your complete email address (example:

5. Enter your password then select next.

6. If you have received an error that the account already exists. Please ensure the previously added account is removed before proceeding. (Pronetsys nor LightSpeed Limited takes any responsibility of any lost information for the event of removing such accounts This guide was intended to assist users that are experiencing difficulty receiving emails on their blackberry device. Please only remove this account at your own risk.)

7. If you receive an error on the loaded page select "provide additional settings". If you have received no errors please select finished and stop here in this guide, your emails will start arriving in approximately 20-30 minutes depending on your Blackberry provider.

8. Select "Pop/Imap located at the top of the screen

9. In the email address field please enter your complete PayGo email address.

10. In the password field, please enter your password

11. In the server field please enter

12. in the user name field enter your complete PayGo email address

13. Enter your email password in the required fields as well.

14. Press next. You should now get a successful message that your email has been added. Select finished and then log out. Your emails should start arriving within the next 20- 30 minutes depending on your blackberry provider


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