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Table of Contents

. Safety Instructions . Installation and Operation . Specifications

. System Introduction . Software Installation . Definitions of LED Indicators

. Trouble Shooting Guide


Thank you for purchasing a Forza SL 511/761/1011VA Series UPS system product. To enjoy all the features and benefits of this unit, please read and follow all the instructions of installation and operation completely.




Safety Instructions (keep this Manual)

This manual contains important instructions for Forza 511/761/1011VA. Please follow the instructions during installation and maintenance of the UPS unit and batteries. Read this manual thoroughly before unpacking, installing or operating.






. The voltage used by this UPS may be hazardous. The unit contains no user serviceable parts; do not attempt to disassemble the unit. Only factory service technicians can perform maintenance on the unit.

. Connection to any other type of receptacle other than a two-pole, three-wire grounding one may result in electrical shock.

. In case of emergency, turn the power switch “off” and disconnect the power cord from the AC power supply.

. Do not plug the UPS AC input power cord into its own output.

. Do not connect any power strip or surge suppressor to the UPS.

. Do not connect any appliances different from computer peripherals, such as medical equipments, life-support equipments, microwave ovens, or vacuum cleaners to the UPS

. Unplug the UPS before cleaning it, and do not use liquid or spray detergents.


. The UPS contains an internal 12Vdc, sealed, lead-acid, 6 cells battery.

. Do not dispose the batteries into fire. The batteries are explosive under the high temperatures.

. Do not try to open the batteries. The battery contains toxic electrolyte which is harmful to the skin and eyes.

. A battery has the risk of producing electrical shock and high short circuit current. The following precautions should be taken:

1) Remove watches, rings, or other metal objects from the hand.

2) Use tools with insulated handles.

3) Wear rubber gloves and boots.

4) Do not lay tools or metal parts on the top of batteries.

. Disconnect charging source prior to connecting or disconnecting battery terminals. Service of batteries should be performed or supervised by experts in batteries and the required precautions. When replacing batteries, replace with the same number of the sealed lead-acid batteries


. Avoid any kind of liquid or any other objects getting into the UPS unit. Do not place beverages or any other vessels which contains any kind of liquid nearby the unit.

. This unit should be installed and operated in an environment under certain required conditions: (range of temperature, indoor, without conductive contaminants). Do not install the UPS in locations nearby running water or excessively humid.

. To reduce the risk of overheating, do not cover the cooling vents. Avoid exposing the unit to the direct sunlight or installing the unit nearby heat emitting appliances such as electrical heaters or furnaces.

. The socket outlet utility shall be installed nearby the UPS and must be accessed very easily.

System Introduction

. Boost and Buck AVR for stabilizing input power voltage.

. Built-in DC start function for starting up itself without AC input power.

. Smart USB Communication Port for transmitting UPS real-time conditions and remote control.

. Microprocessor Control Design guarantees high reliability.

. Auto Self-Charge when UPS is in off status.

. Auto Self- Restart when AC input power is recovered.

. Modem/Phone Line Surge Protection.

. The highest standard of power protection: Discharge, Overcharge, and Overload Protection.

. Forza Tracker, a free software available online for UPS real-time monitoring and controlling.



Installation and Operation

1. Check the UPS

Remove the UPS from its package and look for damages that may have occurred during shipping. If any damage is discovered, repack the unit and return it to the place of purchase.

2. Choose the Location

Install the UPS unit in any protected environment that provides adequate airflow around the unit, and free from excessive dust, corrosive fumes and conductive

contaminants. Do not operate your UPS in an environment where the ambient temperature or humidity is high. Place the UPS unit at least 20cm away from monitors to avoid interference.

3. Charge the UPS

This unit is shipped from the factory with its internal battery fully charged, however, some charge may be lost during shipping and the battery should be recharged prior to use. Plug the unit into an appropriate power supply and allow the UPS to charge fully by leaving it plugged in for 8 hours.

4. Connect to Computer

Connect one computer-related device into each power receptacle supplied on the back of the UPS.

5. Modem/Phone Line Connection

Plug incoming internet line into the “In” socket at the back of the UPS. Use one more Internet line cable and plug one end of the Internet line cable to the “Out” socket at the back of the UPS. Plug the other end to the modem input socket.

6. Turn On/Off UPS

To start up the UPS, press the power switch button. (When switching on, the LED will light up). To turn off, press the button again.

Software Installation – Forza Tracker

Forza Tracker software is a new generation of UPS monitoring software, which provides user-friendly interface to monitor and control your UPS system. This unique software provides safe auto shutdown for multi-computer systems during power failures. With this software, users can monitor and control any UPS on the same LAN no matter how far from the UPSs.

Installation procedure:

1. Go to the website:

2. Choose the type of operation system and follow the instructions on the website to download the software.

3. When downloading all required files from the internet, enter the serial No: 5242-87f6-64re-di8d-986u to install the software (include the hyphens).

4. When your computer restarts, the management software will appear as a green plug icon located in the system tray, near the clock.

5. To access the Forza Tracker management software as an administrator, you must enter the password: 111296.

Trouble Shooting Guide

When the Forza UPS is not working normally, please refer to the following trouble shooting table for solving installation or operation problems. If any abnormal situation not listed above occurs, please call our service department for further assistance.

The UPS does not turn on and no LED lights

Possible Cause


Low battery voltage

Charge battery up to 8 hours

The battery is defective

Replace with the same type of battery

The power switch is not pressed

Press power switch again








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