Comparison between Pronetsys PayGo and Hosted Exchange Print

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  Hosted Exchange Rackspace Email
  Microsoft's popular email platform features  Affordable business-class email that works with 
  the highest level of Outlook® integration and collaboration. Outlook®, your smartphone, and our Webmail app.
Price 12.00 *1 2.00 *1
100% Uptime Guarantee Included Included
Email address @ your domain Included Included
100GB Mailboxes Included 25GB
Instant Messaging Included Webmail Only
Video peer to peer chat Included X
Outlook desktop, mobile, and webmail access Included Included
Real-time Outlook, OWA & Mobile Synchronization Included X
Support for Migrations Included Included
Premium Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Included Included
Shared Calendaring Included Webmail Only
Shared Contacts Included Webmail Only
Admin Control Panel Included Included
Distribution Lists (Group Lists) Included Included
Scheduling Assistant Included X
Resource Mailboxes Included X
Public Folders Included X
Send-As Permissions Included X

*1 = Tax is not included and this item is taxable.

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