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A site collection is a group of websites with the same owner and administration settings. Your collection of sites is located under the URL you entered when you enabled SharePoint.

Creating a site adds a page in the collection to serve specific teams or a unique group of users for collaboration, publishing content, or setting up a workspace. Each site has a unique URL and permissions to control access.  
To create a Site, log into SharePoint with your Admin ID and password and perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Site Actions drop-down menu and select Create
    Create link highlighted.
  2. Under the Web Pages header, select Sites and Workspaces 
  3. Enter the following information:


    • Title—Enter the page name that will be displayed at the top of each page.
    • Description—Enter the description that will be displayed in search results for this page.
    • URL name—Enter the permanent URL of the new page.
  4. Under Select a template, browse through free layouts to display your content. Select a page template using the tabs to browse through different layout themes. Click on a template name to view the template accompanied with a brief description of its use. Select the desired template by double clicking on the name of the chosen layout.
  5. Under User Permissions. Select whether to use the same permissions as the parent site or to use unique permissions for this page. 

     If you select Use unique permissions, you will be redirected to the Set Up Groups for this Site page to assign those permissions after you've created this page.
  6. Select navigation options, as desired.
  7. Click the Create button. The next page displays your new site where you can start adding content. 

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