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Windows SharePoint Services provides many types of lists, each of which is configured to store a specific type of content. SharePoint sites created from prebuilt templates automatically include appropriate lists. You can delete the lists you don’t need and add new lists. We will use the Contacts list for this example, but you can add any type of list.

  1. Log into your SharePoint site, e.g.,
  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, click the Site Actions drop-down menu, and select Create.
    Create tab highlighted.
  3. Notice the variety of lists you can create. In the CommunicationsTracking, andCustom Lists lists, mouse over each type of list to view a description at the top of the page.
  4. In the Communications list, click the Contacts link.
  5. In the Name and Description section, enter a list name, e.g., Employees, and description, e.g., Employee after-hours contact information.
  6. By default, a link to this list will appear on the Quick Launch bar. If you do not want it on the Quick Launch bar, select the No option button.
  7. Click the Create button. The contact list is displayed.
  8. Click the New drop-down menu, and select New Item. The Employees: New Item page is displayed. Notice the fields created as part of the contact list.
    Note: If the default fields created by a list template don’t meet your needs, you can add, edit, or delete fields. To do this, display the list, and then click theSettings menu.
  9. Enter contact information into the list fields, and then click the OK button. TheEmployees list displays the contact information. You can attach files to contact list items. For example, you might want to attach a photo or resume.

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