Add SharePoint Document Alert

Alerts are a very useful part of the Windows SharePoint Services technology. You can sign up to receive an alert when a change is made to the contents of a document library. This technique keeps you up to date with the document updates that you need to know about so you don’t have to constantly check the library.

  1. Log into your SharePoint site, e.g.,
  2. Navigate to a page with a Shared Documents section.
  3. On the Quick Launch bar, click the Shared Documents link.
  4. Click the Actions drop-down menu, and select Alert Me.
    Alert me tab highlighted.
  5. If you retain the default settings, you will be notified when any type of change is made to any document within the selected document library. You can change the settings to restrict the alerts to certain types of changes. You can also specify whether notifications should be sent immediately, daily, or weekly.
    Once you have selected your desired options, click the OK button. An email message notifies you when the alert has been created.
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